Age: 12
Sex: Female
Race: White

History of present illness:
chronic cough, sore throat lasting for more than 20 days.

Medical History:
Enlarged Adnoids
ear infections

Family history:
father: heart attack

mother: low thyroid - takes synthroid 1.37mg

Aunt: agressive breast cancer diagnosed at 37 years past away at 50

Social history:
Outdoor activities, boating, outside alot in summer. Indoors alot in winter months.

Physical Exam
Proper weight and height for age.

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reem diva8/23/2009 - 2:32:05 PM
sore throat is due to coughing she may take antitussive
she may also take ademulsant agent as honey
chronic cough may be due to non organized life style out doors
or she may developed sensitivity after the Enlarged Adnoids

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