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Age: 17
Sex: Female


Physical Exam
Hello, my name is Sanda Juric and live in Croatia. I was born 01/01/1994. So I have 16 years and 5 months. As a child I was extremely healthy, regularly vaccinated. I was born with Apgar number 10 My mother was suffering from anemia caused by hemorrhoids. Father has cardiomyopathy and pericarditis. Brother (30 years old) operated on osteoma of the head.Grandmother and grandfather on his mother's side died of pulmonary embolism (grandmother) and lung cancer (grandfather). 6 years ago I got a fever and had diarrhea and constipation, and ended up in ER where they discovered that I have recovered from mononucleosis, but the fever is not falling. They concluded that it may be hormonal because I have a common gynecological infections and the like. After a year and a half, I got the first period. So now I have five years periods and extremely painful and lasts 6-8 days. As fever is concerned, the appearance is independent of anything. They vary from 36.5 to 37.8 degrees. 2 years ago because of these painful and irregular menstruation and I made an ultrasound and hormones test (so far I have not had sexual contact). The hormones were normal, and ultrasound have proved numerous cysts in the ovaries. In the meantime, began the daily headaches, occasional swelling of both knees, returned to the status febrilis e causa Ignoto, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, discharge from the breast (white like milk), which lasts all day occasionally. Because painful menstruation and ovarian cyst in May 2009. The gynecologist I was prescribed the contraceptive pill Jasmin. Of course I controlled the blood picture and koagulogram and everything was fine. However, in October 2009. suddenly my Fe in blood in and blood hemoglobin suddenly dropped (far below the limit) and my D-dimer levels rose, so the doctors doubted to deep vein thrombosis and because of that and iron deficiency anemia I was hospitalized for the first time. It turned out that I had no deep vein thrombosis, and we carry out further tests. It has been found to have prolapse of the mitral valve with the mild mitral regurgitation and tricuspidale regurgitation for what I have the regular control, but for now does not require any therapy. For all of these symptoms: iron deficiency anemia (headache, dizziness, weakness, fatigue), status febrilis e causa Ignoto, gonoarthrosis (swollen knee), diarrhea, discharge from the breasts, bloating etc. I have done a test for lupus and almost all autoimmune diseases everything was great except slightly elevated levels of circulating immune complexes, slightly decreased albumin levels. In the meantime, I had swollen lymph nodes under the armpits at the neck and in the groin area and they sent me for lymphadenopathy endocrinologist who diagnosed the Struma fewer and fewer cysts on the thyroid. Hormone T3 is a bit high. Then, recently set up (among other things because of the rapid weight loss) at diagnosis of Crohn's disease were made after treatment (abdominal ultrasound, colonoscopy and gastroscopy) off the doubts. Everything was orderly.
Also I suffer from: spina bifida, scoliosis, kyphosis, Schmorlovih hernia, bulging discs, Conus medullaris, vasomotor and allergic rhinitis and mild septal deviation. Also D-dimer levels fall, and in turn grow independently of all, eventhough I six months do not consume Jasmin nor anything like it.
As much as I try to put all these problems aside easily, there are days when I feel really bad and it is impossible unfortunately.
We ask for your expert opinion, and occasional advice.
We would appreciate,
with great respect Sanda Juric!

Thank you very much!

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