case history

Age: 10 months
Sex: Male

History of present illness:
Th childs mother stated that her son could not stand the sound of the fireworks display they had just attended. he literally jumped aththe sound of the each explosion.

Family history:
When asked if there was any family history of childhood hearing or neurologic disorders, the father indicated that back in Belarus , where they had immigrated from, two children, maybe cousins , had some kind of problem that resulted in death when they were only 2 or 3 years old. The mother could not recall any problems in family children back in Europe. She said they left Belarus because of religious persecution

Physical Exam
upon examination, some generalized muscle weakness and tone was noted, and, a bright red dot woth a white halo was noted, bilaterally, on the childs retinas

Head, ears, eyes, nose & throat:
bright red dot woth a white halo was noted, bilaterally on the childs retinas

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